BFI history


BIKE FUN International s.r.o. (BFI) is a young company which specializes in production and sales of bicycles and bicycle components. The BFI was established in 2002.

The company is 100% owned by a group of Dutch investors and focuses on the production of all types of bikes including mountain bikes, trekking, cross, road and kids bikes in different model lines. The production range also includes high-end models such as full suspension and carbon bikes.

Since the beginning the BIKE FUN International Ltd. has produced bikes under its own brand SUPERIOR, which is a symbol for high-quality, modern design and premium components.

In August 2008 BIKE FUN International Ltd. introduced a new brand STR, which offers economy, yet good quality bikes designed for different segments compared to the rather premium image of the brand SUPERIOR.

At the end of July 2009 BIKE FUN International Ltd. bought a global brand - ROCK MACHINE, which is most famous for its downhill and mountain bikes.

In 2010 the BFI began cooperation with the ŠKODA AUTO, a.s. company with headquarters in Mladá Boleslav. BIKE FUN International Ltd. is now a producer of a special SUPERIOR model line in the design of ŠKODA AUTO.

For the season 2015 we come with our new brand Frappé – brand for Life Style bicycles.

To improve its planning processes the BFI have bought and implemented - in cooperation with the ITeuro comapny, a highly modern information system INFOR ERP SyteLine, which helps to monitor and control logistic processes as well as assist in the APS/MRP planning. All these processes have one goal - to secure the fullfilment of the planned delivery dates, high quality of produced bicycles and - consequently - improve the customer satisfaction.

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